Why we must all vote No2AV

Today, Ed Milliband is launching Labour's campaign to support changing the electoral system to AV. More than 200 of his own MPs and peers are opposing him - but of course he's for it - his brother David was the clear winner in rounds 1, 2 and 3 of the Labour leadership contest, but Ed eventually won, thanks to the fact that AV was used in the contest.

Clifton Conservatives are opposed to AV, preferring the current system, under which every person has one vote, and the person with the most votes wins. The 'yes' campaign has cleverly used the word 'fairer' in much of its literature, but fairer is exactly what it is not, since the votes of people supporting minority parties will often be counted many times.

AV is complicated, expensive, discredited and unfair, and if we'd had AV in last year's General Election, there would now be 12 or even 13 BNP MPs. There's a national referendum on AV on the same day as the local elections, 5th May 2011, so do make sure your vote counts.

There's more information about No2AV here and you can join the campaign at www.no2av.org