Vote Yes on Thursday for an elected Mayor in Bristol

This Thursday, you can vote for Bristol to have its own elected City Mayor – a champion for Bristol to give us a more powerful voice. Bristol's leading politicians and businesspeople are united in calling for a mayor - and on Thursday, it's down to you.

Why have a mayor?

- To fight for Bristol, In Westminster, In Europe and the world
- To bring greater stability – with a four year term for positive change
- To boost the local economy and bring more jobs to the city and the region
- To be elected by us and answerable to us

Supporting the campaign for elected mayors, Prime Minister David Cameron says: "Inspirational city leaders can do great things for their communities which is why I truly believe having a directly elected mayor in every major city in the country will bring about real change for the benefit of local people.”

Conservative Leader on Bristol City Council Peter Abraham states: “I will be voting for a Mayor because of the stability that comes with having someone in charge for four years instead of the constant chop and change we’ve got at present. Government has also promised to give a Mayor extra powers to build partnerships and cooperative working.”