Slimming Bristol's Waste

Conservative campaigner Graham Godwin-Pearson attended a briefing about waste services and sustainability in Bristol earlier tonight at the council house. The speaking panel included representatives from May Gurney, the new waste/recycling contractors for the city.

"It's great news that more and more Bristol households are able to recycle plastics on the kerbside now, thanks to the new services offered by May Gurney," says Graham. "We're still sending far too much to landfill, but it's a good start and something I've been campaigning on for years.

"There are still some major challenges to meet - encouraging supermarkets to use recyclable materials, for example." Graham recently wrote to the major supermarket chains asking for deadlines on when all packaging would be recyclable - none were willing to comment.

In the debate, Graham raised the issue of battery recycling (since batteries are toxic), asking contractors to pay special attention to batteries put out for recycling and supermarkets to clearly label battery recycling bins (which are now a legal requirement).