Saving Clifton Library

The biggest challenge facing Clifton currently is the Council’s review of libraries and to possibility of closing the Clifton Library. We firmly believe in a local Library service but this has to stand up financially in the austere times.

Currently the Clifton library costs £90,000+ per annum to run, of which over 75% is staff costs. We need to adjust the service and im- prove the facility on offer by utilising the facility on a much more commercial basis.

If we leave the library in its current form and find a stay of execution it will only be temporary. In order to guarantee a long term and secure facility including a library service we must explore the Community Asset transfer route, in one way or an- other. The Council will assist in this plan and we must not be afraid of change. Change for the better is good!

Charles Lucas says, "At the time of writing the public consultation has just been completed and I await the outcome. Please be assured I want the best outcome for this library to serve our community and all generations for many years to come. I do not anticipate any current users of the facility being unable to use the new facility going forward.

"I would welcome your comments and suggestions via"