Residents Parking Zone bad for fringes

We are coming to the end of the pilot for the Kingsdown Residents Parking Zone (RPZ) which has been in operation since the 4th January this year.  Letters have been sent by the council to all residents within the RPZ asking for their views and to areas adjacent to the RPZ.

Unsurprisingly the early indications are that those inside the RPZ believe that it is better but for those outside there are indications of significant impact with parking made worse and less safe with illegal parking on the increase.  This will begin to impact on Cotham residents who may have to elect to have the RPZ at a future point just to cope with the added pressure that the Kingsdown RPZ has created in their neighbourhood.

As predicted this creeping land grab by the council may put Clifton into an RPZ, despite the wishes of its residents, caused by the worsening parking problems due to this divide and conquer tactic.  Then will come the cruncher – the inexorable increase in the cost of the parking permit as a mechanism not to sort out parking but to generate revenue.