Pembroke Road traffic nightmares

The Whiteladies Bus Corridor development continues apace with the narrowing of the road and new traffic lights being built the length of the road. It appears that the road narrowing has been designed purposely to prevent cars overtaking buses particularly at the BBC and at Clifton Down Shopping centre already resulting in lengthy tailbacks and traffic queues.

The Conservative Clifton East candidate - Marcus Bruton - campaigned at the last local election that this bus corridor did not benefit the residents of Clifton East and should be opposed as wasting money and not alleviating any of the transport issues that plague Whiteladies Road. Some of the commuter traffic will use Pembroke Road, making it far noisier and busier than ever. It would appear that Clifton East residents are in for a very bad year indeed. A new water main is also being constructed - from the Oakfield Road reservoir to the water tower on the Downs. Beginning in February, the construction will proceed down Alexandra Road into Alma Road and then up Pembroke Road and onto Upper Belgrave Road. Pembroke Road will be reduced to a single file of traffic between April and September but the other three roads will be closed to traffic at various times between February and November.

The water main needs to be constructed but between creating single file traffic on Pembroke Road, shutting Upper Belgrave Road and the bus corridor Whiteladies Road is likely to be gridlocked until November.