A mayor for Bristol, says David Cameron

David Cameron was in Bristol today to to call on the city to vote 'Yes' to a city mayor in the referendum on 3rd May.

The Prime Minister met politicians, activists and supports of the @yes_2_mayors campaign at the Marriott Royal on College Green this afternoon, where he gave a keynote speech about why the city needs the clear leadership of an elected mayor.

He said, "This is a great city: world famous for music, a beacon of culture, a pioneer in green technology, a leading business centre, an internationally renowned port.

"But for the second richest city outside London, you hear people saying that Bristol could be so much more, if it had the right leadership. Let me ask you this - does this city's politics let Bristol down?

"Do we need to get beyond party squabbling? Do we want someone with a dynamic, ambitious, long-term vision for the city? Yes – that is why Bristol needs a mayor."

During his visit to Bristol, David Cameron also spent time with Jack Lorpresti MP at the Airbus factory in Filton.