Marcus Bruton: Why you should vote Conservative tomorrow

I have lived in Clifton East for 15 years and care deeply about a very beautiful part of Bristol. I seek to conserve Clifton for the benefit of the residents and have run a number of campaigns to object to Planning Applications which are out of character for Clifton.

I think that in these times of fiscal hardship we need to prioritise what we spend money on and top of that list is Education and Care, not Hydrogen-powered ferries, electric car sockets or bus corridors.

Parking remains an issue for Clifton and I have practical proposals to ease the problem which will not cost the council taxpayer.

We are also facing a referendum tomorrow that will change the way we elect MPs. The First Past The Post system is used by billions of people throughout the world, which they took from the Westminster system of government and whilst the Yes campaign have coined the Fair label, some people will end up with more than one vote whilst others won’t – so much for fairness.