Marcus Bruton - Whiteladies Road Bus Corridor update

I attended a council run meeting back in March on the Whiteladies Road Bus Corridor but due to the election purdah the minutes have only just been released. The discussions centred around four geographic areas: 

  • North of Blackboy Hill
  • Blackboy Hill to Cotham Hill
  • the junction at Tyndalls Park Road
  • the Triangle.

The original plan had proposed using the standard hours across Bristol for bus lane operation, however the residents pushed back on this and the transport department agreed to consider changes for the morning peak rush hour with the proposals being advertised on the council website.

The operation of the Tyndalls Park Road junction would be reviewed after a 12 month period as there was doubt that anything could improve the junction as the problems were actually at the Triangle. However pedestrian crossings would be upgraded which would make it easier to cross here. The Triangle remains the biggest problem with Whiteladies Road traffic and the plan following the meeting is to make the taxi rank only available after the morning peak, this would help the flow of bus traffic. However the rest of the Triangle would not be reviewed although it remains a significant issue.

The Whiteladies Road Bus Corridor remains a very expensive scheme costing some £4million and whilst the road surface of WLR does need replacing I still fail to see how we can justify this expense when people are losing their jobs.