Marcus Bruton: too many yellow lines in Clifton East!

Parking problems in Clifton East could increase if the Residents Parking Zone is extended. Early reports from the Kingsdown RPZ are that parking just outside the zone has become more difficult. Now the election is over, Clifton East Conservative campaigner Marcus Bruton has restarted his yellow line survey of Clifton East, having volunteered to do so as part of the Neighbourhood Partnership Scheme, on which he represents Clifton East.

Bruton says, "I have made significant progress identifying at least 100 metres of road where the yellow lines could be removed in Clifton East to alleviate the parking problems we all suffer from. Please let me know if there are any yellow lines outside your house that could be reviewed and equally please let me know if there are areas which require safety markings or traffic control measure."

A measure that has been welcomed by the residents of Clifton East is the creation of a zebra crossing on Pembroke Road at Guthrie Road, an excellent safety measure to help children cross the road where cars travel too fast.