Marcus Bruton: Grow the economy by cutting regulation on small startups

I have created an e-petition on the Cabinet Office website which I think will grow the economy. I need 100,000 signatures before I can get it debated in the House of Commons, so please pass this on to your friends and family and let's get Britain moving!  The website is:-

My e-petition says:- 
Grow the economy by cutting regulation on small startups: Remove Taxation, VAT, NI, Health & Safety,  Business Rates and all other regulation for small startups for a period of 2 years for businesses with under 5 employees.  An Act to be passed that allows new startups to register with the Revenue and Customs which exempts them for a period of two years from all regulations put on them by central and local government provided that they remain under 5 employees.

To get the economy growing we must encourage small startups.  It is the job of central and local government to create the environment in which small businesses can thrive.  When you start a company there is so much red tape, which can be daunting and very expensive to the first-timer.  However, every employee that that company employs is spendng money and getting the economy going again. In the past we have got out of recessions by spending (whether public or private sector) - this time the public sector has no money. So instead of money coming from Government to get us out, why not give businesses a 'holiday' from regulation and get the economy moving?

Please sign the petition and let's not talk ourselves into a worse recession.