Marcus Bruton on Green Spaces

Conservative council candidate, Marcus Bruton, says, "I can only stand in awe at the foresight of the Society of Merchant Venturers in ensuring that Clifton and Durdham Downs were protected from development by an Act of Parliament in 1861. For 150 years that act has protected the Downs from development and have saved them for Bristolians to use for recreation and leisure. There are clear parallels to today with the Lib Dem run council trying to sell off Bristol's Green Spaces for development.

It is only through the campaign led by Conservative Councillors Lesley Alexander (Frome Vale), Richard Eddy (Bishopsworth) and Jay Jethwa (Stockwood) and by voting Conservative in a number of key wards - Marcus Bruton (Clifton East), Charles Lucas (Clifton), Lara Couzens (Brislington East), George Maggs (Hengrove), Nazir Muhammad (Eastville) and Phillip Pomeroy-Hutton (St. George East) that Bristol will retain its Green Spaces.

If the residents of Bristol look back in 150 years time and ask why all the Green Spaces have disappeared they only need to blame the current Lib Dem run council.

Vote Conservative on 5th May to save our Green Spaces!"