Marcus Bruton on the Clifton East election results

We came close to turning Clifton a little bluer than it has been for some years but missed by 151 votes in Clifton East.  But as you can see the change in the balance on the council has already had a clear effect with several policies that we campaigned on in Clifton being moved forward.

The Park Sell-off has been halted and a cross-party group of councillors will review the Area Green Space Strategy to ensure that local people don’t lose their precious green spaces with the neighbourhood partnerships getting a much greater say.

The Stadium has been pushed to the top of the agenda and after months of talking the council has agreed to make a decision by the end of June.  Let’s keep the pressure on and make sure that they make the right decision for Bristol and its’ future.

We campaigned on the usefulness of the Whiteladies Road Bus corridor and the council have agreed to have cross-party groups to consider areas such as rapid transit, trams, transport interchange at the station and potential rail improvements.

And finally the parties in opposition in Bristol will get the chairs of all the scrutiny commissions and regulatory committees as well as 26 scrutiny seats being assigned to the conservative councillors.

So whilst we didn’t improve the number of councillors, the conservative group negotiated from a position of strength and a number of the key policies we campaigned on in Clifton are now moving forward in Bristol, a good result for the residents of Clifton.  I am still very active in Clifton East and would dearly like to see the membership of Clifton Conservatives increase.  It is free to join so please do so and let me know the issues that are effecting your daily lives that you need an active campaigner to help on.