Imagination required to solve Clifton East's Parking Woes

We all know that Clifton East suffers from too few parking spaces and commuter parking. The controlled parking zone created a huge polarisation in views across the community. So we need more imaginative thought to solve the problem. Firstly as part of the Neighbourhood Partnership I am undertaking a survey of the entire community, finding out where yellow lines are needed and where they can be taken away - Inspector Rundle commented that that was the first time that had been suggested.

For example around the back of Clifton Cathedral the yellow lines should be removed but where lines are required for safety such as junctions they need to be put in.

He continues “The residents of Clifton East, through the Neighbourhood Partnership, should be allowed to comeup with their own ideas how to solve the parking problem, like they have been allowed to in other cities.

"Please email me with where we need yellow lines and where we don’t.”