Geoff Gollop - Thank you

I should like to thank the 8,136 people who voted for me to be Mayor of Bristol.

Of course, I would rather enough people had voted for me to elect me as Mayor but electors in Bristol, like so much of the country, wanted to give a message to all the mainstream political parties and unfortunately Ken Maddock (the PCC candidate) and I were on the receiving end.

What I have found exciting is the level of engagement with numerous organisations in Bristol seeking views on a wide range of topics affecting their neighbourhoods and communities.  It has forced me to learn and research about many issues.  In addition, the 25 hustings across the city were attended by over 4,000 people and allowed candidates to explain their policies; I thank those who organised these meetings and those who attended.

I was greatly encouraged by the number of new helpers that have got involved during this campaign.  Over 400 supporters were helping across Bristol and I thank you for your great support, as well as those who generously contributed to the campaign fund.

If you remove the votes for the Independent candidates and look at the votes cast for the political parties, we were in second place, pushing the Lib Dems into third position.  Combine this with the strengthened campaigning team, we can look forward to the elections next May with renewed optimism.

As you can imagine, seeing the candidates day after day allowed us to build up a good rapport, and even friendships.  I congratulate George on winning the election and, as a Councillor, look forward to working with him.

On behalf of Ken and myself, we found it a great honour to be the Conservative candidates and we thank you for your great support