Geoff Gollop launches manifesto - 365 Days of Change

Geoff Gollop has launched a document, "365 Days of Change", which lays out his plans for the first year of his being in office. Geoff says, "One year from polling day - on 15 November 2013, if I am elected as mayor, I will proudly stand up and declare that every idea in my 'change' document has been transformed into action.

"Bristol will have its own oyster card and a clear public transport plan.

"The development of the Bristol Metro will be underway using the existing railway lines to link up Bristol, and the Portishead line will be nearer to becoming a reality.

"Long-term forecasts for school numbers will be made so families can have school places in their communities, replacing the annual numbers crisis that hits Bristol’s schools at present. The annual School Olympics will have taken place.

"I will work with the Voluntary and Community sectors and the business community to use the best expertise in the City to strengthen our care for the elderly and those most in need. In particular, I will ensure the tendering process is changed to support and encourage small local organisations who give so much to our community.

"I will have carried out a review of the council's property and land and work with local social housing providers to identify sites that can be developed to provide desperately needed affordable housing in the City."

Geoff says “Most of all, Bristol needs to work with the business community to help create new jobs that will provide opportunities for those without work. The Mayor needs to promote the City to Bristolians and people further afield promoting the City as “open for business”

“As a chartered Accountant and local councillor for 11 years I am ideally placed to use my skills and knowledge to move Bristol forward”

Geoff concludes by saying, "The time for talking is over ... It is actions which will transform this city".