Despite Widespread Opposition, the Whitleadies Road GBBN will go ahead

The Whiteladies Road Greater Bristol Bus Network scheme is one of ten schemes around Bristol which received £42million funding from the previous government and a further £28million from the local council taxpayer.

Campaigner Marcus Bruton states “The schemes are meant to speed buses into and out of Bristol. I firmly believe in public transport but more competition, smaller and more regular buses are required with ‘Oyster’ type cards allowing swift boarding, not the removal of parking spaces on Whiteladies Road. The removal of parking will potentially devastate the local businesses on the road, ripping the heart out of Clifton East.

The consultation exercise which cost the Bristol taxpayer thousands of pounds was revealed for what it was when I asked Deputy Leader Cook what options did the residents of Clifton East have?

He responded by saying “that the scheme was going ahead in this form or with minor alterations”.

This scheme does not benefit the residents of Clifton East and we need to oppose it. Please write to the Strategic Transport Cabinet Member – - opposing this.