Conservative Policy Forum, Vulnerable Young People

The Conservative Policy Forum is holding a meeting next Tuesday (18th Oct) in Bristol to discuss vulnerable young people. The results of the discussion will help the CPF feedback key concerns and opinions to help formulate policy, so it's an important event. Topics for discussion include:

1. Priorities for young people: Looking towards 2015, what are the priorities for government to focus on to help vulnerable young people - is it family breakdown, health, law and order, education, something else?

2. Health: Looking toward 2015 and beyond, how can our health services better identify and support the particular needs of young people?

3. Education: What role should schools play in tackling the problems of underachievement of children in care, of health challenges and of social/ familial breakdown?

4. Crime: Overall crime is falling. Do you think crime rates among vulnerable young people will follow suit by 2015 or are there unique circumstances among the behaviour or situation of young people which requires specific attention and/or has different outcomes?

5. Justice: What will be the main obstacles facing the rehabilitation of young offenders in 2015?

6. Have your views on young people been affected by the events of this summer? In particular, the public disturbances and riots. Should these events influence policy development from 2015 with regard to young people and, if so, how?