Clifton Residents' Parking Scheme (RPS)

The Clifton Village Residents' Parking Scheme (RPS) is upon us and we need to be pragmatic in our approach to it.

That does not mean that we have to accept all aspects of its current form, which does not fully take account of objections raised by residents and is not the promised bespoke scheme.Martin Wright, Conservative candidate for Clifton, says, "The Mayor has offered a review after six months and I would work with Cllr Lucas to ensure that the review takes place and that the remaining concerns of Clifton residents are dealt with."In the interim, we would bring pressure to bear to resolve any serious issues and so that residents are dealt with fairly."

Charles Lucas adds, "Finally after two years of planning and an awfully large number of meetings and consultations the CV RPZ comes in to force on Monday 16 March. Following on from the hugely successful introduction of the Clifton Wood and Hotwells (CH) zone last year, the CV zone will provide residents with the possibility of parking near their homes.

"Despite the difficulties associated with such a complex zone and accommodating so many different views and uses, I believe the scheme will benefit the residents of Clifton and lead to a greener and even more pleasant place to live and work. Undoubtedly there will be the odd issue going forward and any difficulties can be amended as part of the six month review of the scheme. My thanks to the officers for delivering the scheme and allowing me to have the level of involvement I have had to pass on residents’ concerns and wishes."

Cliftonwood resident Paul wrote to us to say, "The RPS in Cliftonwood has transformed the area; we now don’t have a continual stream of cars circling the area looking for a parking space. The whole area has improved and life is much easier for residents and visitors.

"I very much look forward to seeing similar benefits in Clifton Village once the scheme is operational. Thank you once again for your tireless efforts supporting residents and businesses to make the scheme the success it is."