Clifton Councillor Charles Lucas - Relief in Sight over Residents' Parking

The Conservative Councillor for Clifton, Charles Lucas has welcomed the announcement that work is soon to commence on implementing two new Residents’ Parking Zones in the City.

These form part of the Mayor’s revised programme of twelve schemes, covering the central parts of Bristol, which were agreed by his Cabinet last year.

The one for Cliftonwood & Hotwells, operating from Monday to Saturday, between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm, is scheduled to be up and running in April/May, whilst Cotham North, which will operate Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, has been given a launch date in May/June.

Households within these areas can now apply for up to a maximum of three permits, with the cost of each rising from £48 to £96 and £192, depending also upon the emissions rating of the vehicle covered.

Cllr Lucas, who was elected to serve Clifton in May 2012, actively campaigned for the introduction of a Residents’ Parking Zone in his ward. 

Since that time, he has worked with local people, businesses and the Mayor to find a bespoke solution to the problem of commuter parking.

Cllr Lucas (Con, Clifton) said:  “I am delighted that work is proceeding apace on these RPZs.   Something radical had to be done to tackle our congested streets.

“This scheme has the backing of a majority of residents and so should be viewed as a positive way forward in dealing with this issue.

“I personally cannot wait for the start of the Clifton Village scheme in the summer, and will continue to help those who may still have reservations over its introduction.  I believe this initiative will ultimately be in all of our best interests.  

“It holds out hope to many who currently experience a daily struggle of trying to find a place to park near to their home.

“This latest development represents light at the end of the tunnel.  At last, some relief is tantalisingly in sight.  I am just pleased that this is one election promise I was able to see fulfilled.”