Charles Lucas: An update on the redevelopment of The Chesterfield on Clifton Hill

Sadly due to a lack of enforcement by the Planning department, Nuffield Health and their Contractors, have steamed ahead with significant works before the approval of the Construction Environment Management Plan. Alarmingly this included the felling of a large beech tree undoubtedly to prevent any birds nesting there in the spring. In addition it would appear there is a blatant disregard for the democratic process as the tree protection scheme to protect the 450 year old Chestnut tree is not being followed.

Such is the concern that Nuffield are instructing their contractors to run roughshod over the planning conditions and wish of the local people to protect the Clifton Hill area, that two Councillors have called for work to be halted until the development can be seem to progress in accordance with the conditions of the planning permission.

If anyone has any concerns please do not hesitate to contact Charles Lucas. Charles is in close contact with the Clifton Hill Neighbourhood Association who are doing a better job monitoring the development than the Council enforcement officers themselves.