Charles Lucas - tree protection and planning at Chesterfield Hospital site

As we are all aware sadly for the people of Clifton Hill, the Liberal Democrat controlled Development Control committee bowed to the pressure exerted by Nuffield Health and approved the planning application for the redevelopment of the Nuffield Chesterfield Nursing Home in to an overly developed hospital and out-patient hospital on too tight a site. The resulting congestion and disruption to this part of Clifton is beyond imagination.

Work has now commenced including the demolition of Stafford Lodge and despite assurances to the contrary the developer is not meeting planning conditions with tree protection zones being erected too close to the trees, trees were felled conveniently before the nesting season and relevant consultation has not been provided. Sadly enforcement of the conditions by Development Control is lacking.

Charles Lucas continues a process of consultation in order to try and protect Clifton Hill and in turn Clifton, for its local residents.