Charles Lucas reports - Repairing Clifton

Repairing Clifton after years of neglect! It has taken me some time to establish how to get things done, but since being elected I have fought to have a number of repairs made within Clifton:

  •   I am pleased to report the retaining wall alongside ‘Bobby’s Field’ on Clifton Hill has just been repaired to prevent any more bricks and stones falling into the highway.

  •   We had to wait for Natural England to agree what we could do, about a badger sett behind Cornwallis Crescent but I am pleased this huge retaining wall is now in the process of being rebuilt. The residents parking bay below will brought back into use shortly.

  •   I have had confirmation the railings on Clifton Hill are to being repainted in July and August this year. This will greatly enhance this pretty corner of Clifton and help put to rest the huge disruption this area endured during the refurbishment of the Chesterfield Hospital by Nuffield.

  •   I am also delighted to say we have completed the refurbishment of the Mall Gardens - this received a considerable BCC grant through the neighbourhood partnership and we have managed to improve access, improve the paths, install a new children’s swing and repaint the boundary railings. On top of these improvements new signage has been installed which highlights the gardens are open to full public use and we would encourage as many people as possible to enjoy the greatly improved gardens.

  •   In addition to the Mall Gardens we have recently refurbished Victoria Square Gardens to make this an even more attractive Square.