Charles Lucas delighted at Clifton Parking Zone announcement

Conservative Councillor Charles Lucas welcomes the announcement from Bristol City Council (see below) that the Clifton Village Residents' Parking Zone (RPZ) has been confirmed for construction over the summer and launch in the autumn, with enforcement starting in October.

"I campaigned to be elected on this issue and am delighted that we are finally getting this issue resolved. The Council has listened to the residents and the businesses and whilst you can never please everyone, I am confident that most issues have been addressed and the scheme will work for the people who love Clifton.

"I understand there are frustrations for some but if one looks at the successful introduction of the Clifton Wood and Hotwells zone and the positive feedback we are receiving from residents, the overall result is very positive.

"There will be design issues in Clifton but the Council has the ability to make rapid changes and has promised a three month health check as well as the six month review of the scheme.

"I am particularly pleased with the confirmation of the new 901 bus route from Portway Park and Ride directly into Clifton starting on 1 September in addition to the 505 which has given Clifton two new direct bus routes to help the commuter traffic.

"I would be pleased to discuss any specific issues with residents at any time."