Charles Lucas, Cliftonwood RPZ and more

Charles Lucas, newly elected Conservative Councillor for Clifton, has hit the ground running since his election on 3 May. 

Primarily his time has been taken up with delivering the new Residents Parking Zone for Clifton Wood and Hotwells before moving on to the merged zone of 'Clifton Village' including Clifton West. In addition to getting to grips with the way the Council works - or doesn't (!) - Charles has started work on the Central Development Control Committee and has joined the Sustainable Development and Transport Scrutiny Commission in order to see through delivery of the RPZ as well as BRT2.

Charles says, "It has been a very exciting and busy start to my carear as a Councillor and now that I am beginning to understand things I am thoroughly enjoying trying to make a difference in Clifton, Clifton Wood and Hotwells for the benefit of all residents."