Charles Lucas - Clifton traders let down by Christmas roadworks

The traders of Clifton have been thoroughly let down by Bristol City Council who have granted planning consent for redevelopment in Waterloo Street, Clifton. Whilst the redevelopment is welcomed the timing of the works is ludicrous and has left Clifton Traders up in arms.

The Highways department have allowed Waterloo Street to be closed for the next three to four months which will disrupt the traffic, parking and Christmas trading of all traders in Clifton and in particular in Waterloo Street itself.

Conservative spokesman for Clifton, Charles Lucas, said ‘I understand the Traders have approached their local Councillors for help with this hugely insensitive decision and been told they cannot help. In these tough economic times the traders of Clifton need all of our support to maintain our thriving community. I am staggered the Councillors have not tried to assist. I will see what can be done.’