Charles Lucas on Civic Pride in Clifton

For those of us fortunate enough to live or work in Clifton we can all be guilty of taking our surroundings for granted. Clifton is beautiful and very special and with a small amount of effort could be even more so. 

Recycling: we should collect and recycle as much of our waste as possible. The Liberal Democrats make great play over our 'green city' but Clifton gets overlooked. Our plastic is not recycled and many of our most attractive streets being narrow, do not even get proper waste collection. 

Winter conditions: whilst a large proportion of the city was gritted in the icy conditions of last winter it was interesting how Clifton was again ignored. Our steep streets and pavements need to be gritted. 

Street lighting: I appreciate bright orange lighting is intrusive and unsightly we do all benefit from our streets being well lit. We do not benefit from the Councils policy of replacing our magnificent period lamp posts with nasty modern examples. We must strive to maintain the intrinsic character of Clifton by preserving these features. 

England's green and pleasant land: We can all do our bit by maintaining our little bit of Clifton. Cut the grass if you have any, trim your hedges and pick up a piece of litter when you see it. 

As the Prime Minister has highlighted we must all contribute to Society and if we all contribute to Clifton we can make it even more special.