Charles Lucas - Chesterfield redevelopment update

The Conservative spokesman for Clifton, Charles Lucas, is continuing his campaign in respect of the redevelopment of the former Chesterfield Hospital. Further enquiries in to the Nuffield proposal have revealed everything is not as it seems and whilst the initial proposals seemed acceptable in principle the truth is much more alarming.

Charles says, ‘Whilst we all want to see the former Clifton Court regenerated and restored to its former glory there are some fundamental flaws in the proposal due before the Development Committee on 27 July. On the surface the proposal whilst over intensive, appeared to be tolerable once the redevelopment was complete. However the one fact that the Planning / Traffic officers have overlooked and the applicant have been coy about, is the number of out-patient appointments required per day at the facility to pay for the project. This is estimated by Healthcare professionals to be in excess of 250 appointments and staff visits per day. This will mean 250 extra cars trying to park in and around Clifton Hill every day. This is completely unacceptable and will make life intolerable for the residents of the whole of Clifton where parking is as always a real issue. The Traffic plan is unrealistic and the provision of parking on site will be occupied by the staff and consultants working at the facility.’

‘Despite the design having the support of CHiS I believe the new building to the rear is totally unacceptable and the quality of the finish of the elevations unsuitable for this part of Clifton. In addition it is wholly wrong to allow parking on the forecourt of this wonderful building in the heart of Clifton. I have made these points to CHiS.’

‘The final point to be noted is I am aware of an alternative proposal for the redevelopment of the property into a private dwelling which will only enhance this part of Clifton for the residents and remove these problems whilst retaining the magnificence of Clifton Court in its original state. This alternative should be whole-heartedly supported’

Charles will continue his campaign and update this site with the latest developments.