Charles Lucas - the Chesterfield Redevelopment

Sadly for the people of Clifton Hill and Clifton in general, the Liberal Democrat controlled Development Control committee went against the advice of the two Clifton ward members, Barbara Janke (Liberal Democrat - Leader of the Council) and Trevor Blythe (Liberal Democrat) and approved the planning application for the redevelopment of the Nuffield Chesterfield Nursing Home in to an overly developed hospital and out-patient hospital on too small a site. This was despite there being alternative proposals available and the two Ward members and local residents being vehemently against the proposal. Interestingly  the Chairman of the Cabot Development Control committee (Cllr Alex Woodman – Liberal Democrat) found it necessary to vote twice in order to get the proposal through without addressing some major issues. 

The resulting congestion and disruption to this part of Clifton is beyond imagination as well as allowing excessive development within the conservation area.

Charles Lucas has already started a process of consultation in order to try and protect Clifton Hill and in turn Clifton for its local residents.