Charles Lucas: Boyces Avenue – people, cars or both?

At the time of writing, work has begun on the pedestrianisation of Boyces Avenue, which was expected to greatly enhance this corner of Clifton.

The delivery of this scheme has been handled in as ham-fisted a way as possible with absolutely no thought given to protecting the interests of the local traders. Signage is weak, so it’s impossible to understand when it is a pedestrian zone and when vehicles can use the road – there are no bollards but instead a couple of scruffy second-hand plastic fences shoved into place erratically. Yet again, it’s a scheme that could and should enhance Clifton but has been mucked up by the Council.

Charles says, “We have a wonderful opportunity to start the redevelopment of this beautiful and historic part of the village, which could improve the whole local environment and vernacular.

“The proposed redevelopment of the shops backing onto Kings Avenue will hopefully start in the not too distant future and coupled with this scheme will make a real difference to the area. Why the pedestrianisation has not been handled more efficiently baffles me and I’m investigating what can be done to improve the situation.”