Inner city conservatism and killing off the fox hunting vote

Graham Godwin-Pearson is delighted that the so-called Blue Fox group of Conservative MPs has declared the potential free vote on restoring fox hunting 'dead and buried'. The informal group of mainly urban MPs have made their opposition to a return to hunting so vocal that the Government is likely to now scrap the vote.

Marcus Bruton on cleaning up after the riots

Marcus Bruton says, "This week has shown the depths to which our Society can plunge but for a few brave members of the emergency services. It has also shown the great spirit of the British people, armed with brooms and marigolds, showing our great defiance that we will never allow violence and brutality to rule us.

Marcus Bruton on Murdoch and partisan politics

Ed Milliband and the Labour party show their colours once again by engaging in petty politics over the Prime Minister's choice of Media Manager. Surely what the PM was doing in Africa - driving up British trade to boost the economy to tackle the debt - is significantly more important than answering questions posed by MPs engaged in political point scoring.

Marcus Bruton on Government cuts

Whichever way Labour wants to cut it there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind where the blame for our horrendous economic position lies – with Labour. Yes there was a banking crisis, yes they lent irresponsibly and yes the banks took advantage of the de-regulated market knowing full well the risks they were taking BUT any economist will tell you that there will always be shocks to the system, whether they are caused by indiscriminate bank lending, oil price hikes, south sea bubbles or speculation on tulip bulbs.