Clifton Residents' Parking Scheme (RPS)

The Clifton Village Residents' Parking Scheme (RPS), is upon us and we need to be pragmatic in our approach to it. That does not mean that we have to accept all aspects of its current form, which does not fully take account of objections raised by residents and is not the promised bespoke scheme.

A Community Space for Clifton

The Council is planning to close seven local libraries, among them Clifton. Clifton library does not currently represent value for money for our community - with 2328 users at a cost of over £72,000 per year.

Martin Wright... on bin collection in Clifton

Many Clifton residents, when I ask about the issues affecting them, mention refuse collection. People are frustrated by the need to store, with limited space, three recycling bins and a rubbish bin and by the visual impact of bins and overflowing black bags on the pavements.

Protecting Clifton's green spaces

Martin Wright, Conservative candidate for Clifton, has spoken about his desire to protect Clifton's green spaces.

Jobs and businesses in Clifton

Clifton was not immune to the 2008 downturn and we have seen our share of vacant offices and shops. Martin Wright, Conservative candidate for Clifton, alongside Cllr Charles Lucas, says:

Martin Wright... on Clifton students

Clifton is lucky to have such close ties to the University of Bristol, a significant local employer and on which many local businesses depend.  

Badger Culling could be counterproductive

Bristol West Conservatives chairman Graham Godwin-Pearson has launched a paper in Parliament condemning the Government's proposals to resume badger culling in England. Research shows that badger culling does nothing to address bovine TB and can make matters worse.

Charles Lucas on Occupy Bristol

With the national furore regarding the ‘protest’ outside St Pauls Cathedral in London threatening to engulf the Church of England it is time for Bristol City Council and Bristol Cathedral to address the equally unacceptable extended protest on College Green. It is time Bristol City Council, who manage College Green, and The Cathedral, who own it, take action to remove the protestors.

Marcus Bruton on Council ownership in Bristol

Eric Pickles, as part of the drive to make government more transparent, has created a website where we can identify assets in public ownership. I was shocked to learn that Bristol City Council owns a property investment portfolio worth £204m, generating about £12m of income per year, on top of the assets you would expect the city to own, such as schools and libraries. This investment portfolio includes pubs, shops and nightclubs.