Local News

Marcus Bruton on Blue Taxis

Marcus talks about the Bristol Lib Dem by-law that requires all licensed taxi drivers to drive around in “Bristol Blue” taxi cabs.

Bristol City Council - Stop wasting our money

Bristol City Council have installed two electric car charging units into the car park under Horizon House, College Street. Whilst it is laudable for the council to encourage greener ways to travel it must be admitted by pretty much everyone that wasting money on electric charging units for cars when the price of the cars is outside most of our reaches has got to be one of the silliest.

Bristol Conservatives launch manifesto

Clifton Conservatives have joined colleagues across Bristol to launch the citywide manifesto for this year's local council elections. The outcome of this year's local elections is uncertain. Labour and Lib Dem pledges appear arrogantly to take for granted that one of them will be in charge after May, but this is by no means a foregone conclusion.

Marcus Bruton on Green Spaces

Marcus Bruton calls on voters to support those who want to save Bristol's Green Spaces for future generations, and prevent the council from selling them off for development.

No2AV launch in Bristol

Clifton Conservatives were at the launch of the No2AV campaign Bristol this morning on College Green. The region's TV and radio broadcasters and newspapers interviewed Charlotte Leslie MP (Bristol North West) and Chris Skidmore MP (Kingswood) at the launch. Charlotte and Chris are amongst the MPs leading the Conservative Party's campaign to say No2AV at the referendum in May.

Why we must all vote No2AV

Today, Ed Milliband is launching Labour's campaign to support changing the electoral system to AV. More than 200 of his own MPs and peers are opposing him - but of course he's for it - his brother David was the clear winner in rounds 1, 2 and 3 of the Labour leadership contest, but Ed eventually won, thanks to the fact that AV was used in the contest.

Can We Afford Expensive Gimmicks?

Bristol City Council has agreed to subsidise the Hydrogen Powered Ferry to the tune of £250,000 per year, despite the numerous calls for this expensive ‘vanity’ venture to be stopped. Clifton East campaigner Marcus Bruton says, “These gimmicks just can’t be afforded."

Charles Lucas on Civic Pride in Clifton

Charles Lucas, Conservative candidate for Clifton, outlines his views on Civic Pride, including recycling, street lighting, green spaces and gritting!

Putting the Partner back into Neighbourhood Partnerships

The Neighbourhood Partnership Forum for Cabot, Clifton and Clifton East has become too tightly controlled by the four ward councillors. This forum needs to be given back into the hands of the residents with much more representation of local interest groups.

Imagination required to solve Clifton East's Parking Woes

We all know that Clifton East suffers from too few parking spaces and commuter parking. The controlled parking zone created a huge polarisation in views across the community. So we need more imaginative thought to solve the problem.