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Lord Waldegrave announced for flagship summer event

Lord Waldegrave, the last Conservative MP for Bristol West, has been announced as the speaker at the flagship summer event of Bristol West Conservatives. Conservative members and activists citywide are invited to the exclusive Clifton Club for the dinner and drinks on Friday 8th July.

Residents Parking Zone bad for fringes

We are coming to the end of the pilot for the Kingsdown Residents Parking Zone (RPZ) which has been in operation since the 4th January this year. Letters have been sent by the council to all residents within the RPZ asking for their views and to areas adjacent to the RPZ. Unsurprisingly the early indications are that those inside the RPZ believe that it is better but for those outside there are indications of significant impact with parking made worse and less safe with illegal parking on the increase.

Woolworth's on Blackboy could become Sainsburys

Sainsbury's may take over the old Woolworth's store on Blackboy Hill and while I'm not opposed to a bit of competition there are already a number of supermarkets on Whiteladies Road and there remains the danger that we start to drive some of our more niche shops, that have developed on the 'hill', out of business.  Residents are alarmed by this development and I foresee problems with delivery lorries on a particularly tight area of the 'hill'.

Marcus Bruton on the Clifton East election results

We came close to turning Clifton a little bluer than it has been for some years but missed by 151 votes in Clifton East.  But as you can see the change in the balance on the council has already had a clear effect with several policies that we campaigned on in Clifton being moved forward

Continuing our good work in Clifton

Despite being defeated in the recent local City Council election, Charles Lucas is already planning ahead to take on the Liberal Democrats on 2013. He says, "We were obviously disappointed with the result but pleased the Liberal Democrats thought it appropriate to mirror our policies in their publicity material immediately prior to the election."

Marcus Bruton: Why you should vote Conservative tomorrow

I have lived in Clifton East for 15 years and care deeply about a very beautiful part of Bristol. I seek to conserve Clifton for the benefit of the residents and have run a number of campaigns to object to Planning Applications which are out of character for Clifton. I think that in these times of fiscal hardship we need to prioritise what we spend money on and top of that list is Education and Care, not Hydrogen-powered ferries, electric car sockets or bus corridors.

Charles Lucas: Making a difference in Clifton

Charles cares for Clifton. He will prioritise resolving the residents parking issue, increase refuse and recycling provision to include plastic bottles, and improve the appearance of Clifton by keeping the streets clean, safe and well lit. In addition to fighting the Liberal Democrats policy of selling off the parks and green spaces, Charles wants to create better facilities within the green spaces in Clifton and improve family play areas.

Clifton Conservatives on No2AV Battlebus

Clifton Conservatives have joined the No2AV battlebus on the Bristol leg of its tour of Britain. The bus, branded with the No2AV campaign logo and slogan is visiting every major British city to explain why voters should reject the alternative vote in Thursday's national referendum.

Charlotte Leslie MP joins Marcus Bruton in Clifton East

Charlotte Leslie MP, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Bristol North West, has thrown her weight behind Marcus Bruton's campaign in Clifton East. Like Marcus, Charlotte is passionate about Bristol and is keen to get out and meet voters.

Watch our exclusive video - No2AV

AV is an unfair system, where the person who finishes third can end up winning. Our brand new film looks at what would happen if a school sports day was run under AV - and highlights why you need to vote 'No' on May 5th.You can watch it in HD or standard definition.