Local News

More shambolic waste management in Clifton

Following the Councils decision to award the new waste management contract to a new Contractor residents of Clifton village had a nasty surprise last week. Without any warning except by looking at the Council website Clifton village residents domestic (black bag) rubbish was not collected and left dumped on the streets.

Treasury Minister Meets Bristol Businesses in Clifton

Financial Secretary to the Treasury Mark Hoban MP visited Clifton on Wednesday 30 November and met senior members of the Bristol business community. The main topic of discussion at the lunch reception was the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement the previous day.

Bristol Water - The Bristol Resilience Scheme

In case you weren't aware Bristol Water will be starting to lay 10Kms of water pipe from Harry Stoke to Clifton from Jan 12 to Mar 13. It is a massive investment by Bristol Water but it will significantly disrupt road usage during the next 15 months. There is a drop-in evening on 6th December from 4pm to 8pm at the Alma Church to go through the detail. I would recommend that anyone who is interested attends.

Marcus Bruton - Garaway Garden Centre Development - Chantry Road

The architects Angus Meek held a drop-in evening at the Picture House East on 9th November to go over their new ideas for the Garaways Garden Centre on Chantry Road.  I went along in my capacity as St Johns Residents Association Planning Chair. 

Bristol City Council below average at recycling

Bristol recycles 37% of household waste, below the national average of 39.7%, according to DEFRA. The figures show that Bristol City Council is well down the league tables, and amongst the lowest in the South West, when comparing the percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting.

Graham Godwin-Pearson: Kerbside plastic recycling in Bristol - we should be ashamed

It is with a fanfare that Bristol City Council has announced that plastic is to be collected from outside every house from next year. A newly negotiated contract means that we will all be able to put milk bottles, yoghurt pots and plastic trays outside, rather than having to take them to the supermarket. However, I can't help but think - for a city that calls itself 'green', why is this service only just starting?

Alderman Paul Browne

It is with great sadness that Clifton Conservatives have learned of the death of Alderman Paul Browne, who died on 29th October following a short illness. Paul was a councillor for decades and a former chairman of Bristol West. Current chairman, Graham Godwin-Pearson, commented, "Paul was a kind and generous man, who worked tirelessly for Bristol and was admired by a great many people. He will be very sorely missed."

Charles Lucas - Clifton traders let down by Christmas roadworks

The traders of Clifton have been thoroughly let down by Bristol City Council who have granted planning consent for redevelopment in Waterloo Street, Clifton. Whilst the redevelopment is welcomed the timing of the works is ludicrous and has left Clifton Traders up in arms. The Highways department have allowed Waterloo Street to be closed for the next three to four months which will disrupt the traffic, parking and Christmas trading of all traders in Clifton and in particular in Waterloo Street itself.

Conservative Policy Forum, Vulnerable Young People

The Conservative Policy Forum is holding a meeting next Tuesday (18th Oct) in Bristol to discuss vulnerable young people. The results of the discussion will help the CPF feedback key concerns and opinions to help formulate policy, so it's an important event. 

Conservatives team up to help Bristol charity working in West Africa

Bristol West Conservatives have been working together to help Bristol charity Ape Action Africa, which works on the front line of gorilla and chimp conservation in the rainforests of West Africa. Graham Godwin-Pearson and Charles Lucas helped to organise a charity ball last night at Leigh Court to raise vital funds, all of which go directly to Ape Action Africa's sanctuary in Cameroon.