Local News

Should Bristol have an elected mayor?

On Thursday 3rd May a referendum is being held in Bristol to determine whether there will be a directly elected mayor for the city. Chairman of Bristol West Conservatives, Graham Godwin-Pearson, says, "Currently, the Leader of Bristol City Council is chosen by a handful of councillors. The current leader won her role by a single vote and only a tiny number of voters actually had a say in her election. We see this as undemocratic."

Relaunching the Whiteladies Picture House

It is great news that the CEO of Odeon – Mr Rupert Gavin - has agreed to waive the restricted covenant that was placed on the Whiteladies Picture House. The team behind the project have a great vision to save this iconic 1920s building for future generations.

Charles Lucas - tree protection and planning at Chesterfield Hospital site

As we are all aware sadly for the people of Clifton Hill, the Liberal Democrat controlled Development Control committee bowed to the pressure exerted by Nuffield Health and approved the planning application for the redevelopment of the Nuffield Chesterfield Nursing Home in to an overly developed hospital and out-patient hospital on too tight a site. The resulting congestion and disruption to this part of Clifton is beyond imagination.

Shambles: The Whiteladies Road Bus Corridor

Most of us have had the misfortune of using Whiteladies Road since the road layout was changed. From the change in the lane priority outside the Victoria Rooms to new traffic lights on Blackboy Hill, the new road layout is causing severe traffic problems. Despite Bristol being (supposedly) the No1 cycling city in the UK, very limited provision has been made to aid cyclists and the new layouts at the Clifton Down shopping centre and outside the Victoria Rooms are simply dangerous.

Bristol parents pay more to be near good schools

The price of properties near Bristol's primary schools are much higher than the average, making it difficult for families to choose where they want to live and their school. New research by primelocation.com suggests that the average asking price near a good school in the south west is almost £64,500 higher than the average.

Charles Lucas: Boyces Avenue – people, cars or both?

At the time of writing, work has begun on the pedestrianisation of Boyces Avenue, which was expected to greatly enhance this corner of Clifton. The delivery of this scheme has been handled in as ham-fisted a way as possible with absolutely no thought given to protecting the interests of the local traders.

Slimming Bristol's Waste

Conservative campaigner Graham Godwin-Pearson attended a briefing about waste services and sustainability in Bristol earlier tonight at the council house. The speaking panel included representatives from May Gurney, the new waste/recycling contractors for the city.

Charles Lucas: An update on the redevelopment of The Chesterfield on Clifton Hill

Sadly due to a lack of enforcement by the Planning department, Nuffield Health and their Contractors, have steamed ahead with significant works before the approval of the Construction Environment Management Plan. Alarmingly this included the felling of a large beech tree undoubtedly to prevent any birds nesting there in the spring. In addition it would appear there is a blatant disregard for the democratic process as the tree protection scheme to protect the 450 year old Chestnut tree is not being followed.

Pembroke Road traffic nightmares

The Whiteladies Bus Corridor development continues apace with the narrowing of the road and new traffic lights being built the length of the road. It appears that the road narrowing has been designed purposely to prevent cars overtaking buses particularly at the BBC and at Clifton Down Shopping centre already resulting in lengthy tailbacks and traffic queues.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in St Johns, Clifton East

Marcus Bruton says, "A firm memory of my childhood is the Silver Jubilee celebration in 1977. I remember the mug and the food out in the streets around my home. I want my children to remember the Diamond Jubilee in much the same way. So the St Johns Residents Association is looking into the feasibility of having a 'parish' party in Alma Vale Road over the Jubilee weekend.