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Clifton Councillor Charles Lucas - Relief in Sight over Residents' Parking

The Conservative Councillor for Clifton, Charles Lucas has welcomed the announcement that work is soon to commence on implementing two new Residents’ Parking Zones in the City. These form part of the Mayor’s revised programme of twelve schemes, covering the central parts of Bristol, which were agreed by his Cabinet last year.

Charles Lucas, Cliftonwood RPZ and more

Charles Lucas, newly elected Conservative Councillor for Clifton, has hit the ground running since his election on 3 May. Primarily his time has been taken up with delivering the new Residents Parking Zone for Clifton Wood and Hotwells before moving on to the merged zone of 'Clifton Village' including Clifton West.

Charles Lucas opposes 20mph in Clifton

Charles Lucas, Conservative Councillor for Clifton, has come out strongly against the proposed role out of the new 20 mph speed limit across the city as proposed by the Mayor. Charles was interviewed by ITV news saying he felt the proposed scheme was being forced through and was unlikely to be enforced by the Police.

Charles Lucas elected as Clifton Councillor

Charles Lucas has been elected as Councillor in the Clifton ward today, replacing the previous Liberal Democrat Councillor. Charles says, "I am delighted and thrilled to be able to represent the people of Clifton, Clifton Wood and Hotwells on Bristol City Council and to be a loud voice on the Council promoting our special part of our great city."

Bristol Conservatives working with the mayor

Bristol Conservatives have pledged to work closely with elected mayor George Ferguson following the local elections next week. The Conservative vice-chairman for local government, Bob Neill MP, visited Bristol to launch our manifesto. Group Leader Cllr Peter Abraham says, "We are working with George Ferguson in a critical, considered and co-operative way while retaining our ability to state clearly where and when we feel he is going wrong."

Utility Road Works in Clifton

Shadow Councillor for Clifton East, Gareth Alan-Williams, is calling on Bristol City Council to get a grip on the never-ending road works in the ward. Gareth has been speaking about the ouright disdain that utility companies have appeared to have for people living on the streets affected, and those surrounding them.

Gareth Alan-Williams to stand for Clifton East

Gareth Alan-Williams is to stand in Clifton East in May 2013. He moved to Clifton East in 2006 before which he served in the Royal Marines. He now works for AXA as a Manager.

Geoff Gollop - Thank you

I should like to thank the 8,136 people who voted for me to be Mayor of Bristol. Of course, I would rather enough people had voted for me to elect me as Mayor but electors in Bristol, like so much of the country, wanted to give a message to all the mainstream political parties and unfortunately Ken Maddock (the PCC candidate) and I were on the receiving end.