Bristol Conservatives launch manifesto

Clifton Conservatives have joined colleagues across Bristol to launch the citywide manifesto for this year's local council elections. The outcome of this year's local elections is uncertain. Labour and Lib Dem pledges appear arrogantly to take for granted that one of them will be in charge after May, but this is by no means a foregone conclusion.

Bristol Conservatives recognise the reality that the composition of the Council is likely to be far more complicated than this. We have a policy programme which will allow the city to move forward and meet the challenges of the years ahead. The Conservative blueprint for change would see:-

- An immediate stop to the Lib Dem parkland and green spaces sell-off

- The scrapping of all new traveller camps planned for the city - we simply do not believe that an urban setting is suitable or appropriate

- A review of all high-paying Council posts paying over £70,000 pa

- A lease signed with the Bristol Free School Trust for an all-through school on the former St Ursula's site. It's a big plot of land, we want to see it optimised

- That all strategic decisions of the Authority met with a 'Value-for-money' test. To this end, we want a small panel of councillors and representatives from the Bristol public to endorse proposed changes in service delivery

- A guarantee that when people are consulted on an issue, they will genuinely be listened to and have to hand all the information they need to make an informed view

- Enthusiastic support for the exciting new Enterprise Zone promised for the city

- Acting in concert with national Government, provide greater incentives to encourage housing building on appropriate sites and ideally brownfield land

- A reduction in costly traffic and cycling schemes, with any savings made ploughed back into improving public transport

- A continual bearing down on Council costs and spending with Lib Dem debt (through borrowing) set to soar to £537 million this year.

Lib Dem rule in Bristol has been riddled with controversy, division and indecision. Many people brand this period in office a failure.

Labour, who until recent times ran Bristol for decades, are no better. If they are the solution, we have one hell of a problem! The truth is we cannot afford to go back to more years of decline.

Only the Conservative Group has consistently shown that they understand the issues and are in tune with the mood of most Bristolians. We listen to the concerns of real people and want to work for a better Bristol.

Therefore, on 5th May 2011, the only way to make a difference to the failed politics of the past is to VOTE CONSERVATIVE.