Bristol Conservative Mayoral challenger Charles Lucas launches City-wide manifesto

Bristol Conservative Mayoral challenger Charles Lucas has launched joint plan with 70 Conservative City candidates to secure a better and brighter future for Bristol.

Charles comments,

“We need a Mayor for all of Bristol who is focused on serving the whole City – not just particular interest groups and areas. I know many communities, particularly in outer Bristol feel the Mayor hasn’t delivered for them. As a strong united City-wide team we will be able to ensure the interests of every community in Bristol are championed.”

“Our plan is about delivery of key priorities to improve life for our fellow residents; including delivering real improvements to transport, more homes, extra jobs and new school places – rather than just gimmicks and slogans.”

“Now is the time for a new Mayor, supported by a team of Councillors, who can work with Government and our neighbouring Councils to secure the investment and resources Bristol needs to ensure we are a successful and prosperous City-wide.”

Charles’s Conservative plan focuses on six priorities:

  • Transforming transport, with a particular emphasis on delivering the long-promised rail improvements including a new Henbury railway station and promoting plans for new stations at Ashton Gate, Horfield and St Annes.
  • Building more homes, including using the new £9million Council Housing Company that Conservative Councillors have championed.
  • Economic growth, building better relations with Government to lever in more investment and jobs in the whole City – not just the centre.
  • New school places, ensuring better planning of provision and more choice for parents and families.
  • Improved healthcare, by working closer with the NHS to promote independence and dignity for older residents.
  • Accountability, giving Councillors and communities more power to hold future Mayor’s to account.

Charles and Conservative candidates are delivering 60,000 copies their “Our Plan” manifesto to homes City-wide over the next few days.

Bristol Conservatives are currently in 2nd place to Labour on the Council with 16 Councillors and believe that boundary changes and the all-out local elections give them the scope to win significantly more seats – targeting Labour seats hard in particular.