Bristol City Council below average at recycling

Bristol recycles 37% of household waste, below the national average of 39.7%, according to DEFRA.

The figures show that Bristol City Council is well down the league tables, and amongst the lowest in the South West, when comparing the percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting. In comparison, South Glos Council recycles 45%, Bath and North East Somerset Council 46%, Swindon 50%, Somerset County Council 51%, North Somerset 51% and Cotswold District 60%.

Graham Godwin-Pearson, chairman of Bristol West Conservatives, has been campaigning for an improvement in the figures, says, "It's shameful that Bristol does so poorly, especially given the facade of eco-friendliness portrayed by Bristol City Council.

"Every council in the country is making an effort to recycle more and this council needs to bring forward kerbside plastic collections across the city as soon as possible."